The CoMotion SPOT Model

The CoMotion SPOT Model is a unique analysis tool which enables a multidimensional overview of the organizational internal communications domain.

SPOT Model's greatest advantage is that it clearly outlines the focus areas for investment in order to make the desired leap in internal communications, taking into account the unique culture and strategic business agenda of each organization.

The analysis findings are integrated into a holistic strategic framework which includes strategic pillars and work plan building blocks, addressing the entire range between strategic framework to tactical activities

The result –a tailor made internal communications strategic framework, outlining strategic principles, guiding principles and work plan pillars, which can be easily translated into actionable plans – including quick wins, mid and long term goals. 

כיצד נתפסת תקשורת הפנים בארגון ומה תפקידה במינוף תהליכים ובהובלת תרבות ושיח ארגוני? מהן הציפיות של עובדים בתקשורת הפנים ארגונית?

כיצד מתבצעת התקשורת בארגון הלכה למעשה? מהן המתודולוגיות, התשתיות, הפלטפורמות, הכלים והערוצים המשמשים לתקשורת בארגון?

האם תחום התקשורת ממוצב כדיסיפלינה מקצועית? האם הוא מהווה חלק אינטגרלי מתרבות הניהול בארגון? מהו מיצובם המקצועי של מובילי התחום?

במה עוסקת התקשורת הארגונית? מהם התכנים, המסרים, האוריינטציה וה Tone of voice של השיח הארגוני?

In depth, yet swift methodological overview of the organization’s internal communications
Gap analysis and a definition of focus areas to maximize impact, optimize resources and define quick wins for immediate, mid and long term strategic communications, tailored to the unique organizational characteristics
Analysis of findings through multiple dimensions, including best practices and benchmark

SPOT Model Benefits

We developed our SPOT Model based on our extensive experience both as in house executives and organizational consultants. The model was successfully implemented as an analysis tool in dozens of leading organizations and facilitated effective decision making in all aspects of strategic internal communication -budget and resource allocation, strategic content focus areas, prioritization of platforms, channels and tools and more

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